We design experiences that give our partners the courage and confidence they need to forge new paths and ignite the culture within.

AW + CO is an integrated PR and Marketing Firm. We bring the knowledge, creativity, and wisdom of our diverse team to global brands.

We are



We show up the right way.

We're a Deeply Rooted partner to all the companies we support. We see culture as the pathway to replacing what’s broken. We work across teams to strengthen the foundations of change at the source, rather than treating symptoms.

We understand who you are.

We never guess or assume. Instead, our work is Deeply Rooted in research, data, and competitor analysis. With the world ever evolving, we help organizations adapt and build impactful marketing strategies.

We make bold choices.

Our innovative team of teams approach enables us to bring value quickly and efficiently. We deliver flawless, elegant, and valuable experiences because We’ve designed our organization and culture to be Deeply Rooted.

You’re in good hands. We execute marketing strategies across multiple touch points to help organizations achieve their goals. We are strategic, experienced, and Deeply Rooted in insights to bring you the most innovative strategies.

Our Founder

Meet Aniesia Williams

As a respected marketer, journalist, and brand strategist, Aniesia brings more than 18 years of experience across multiple sectors, including entertainment, CPG, healthcare, CSR, and technology. Aniesia has served as Managing Director, Global Inclusion & Health Equity at Real Chemistry, Chief Client & Communications Officer at Solve Innovation Group, SVP, Brand for Edelman, and recently a Fractional CMO servicing small businesses, venture capital firms, and advertising agencies.
Throughout her career, Aniesia has been the senior lead and brand strategist driving experiential activations, producing communications copy and thousands of media placements, facilitating over five major reorgs, and countless hours of storytelling through thought leadership for Fortune 500 brands. Aniesia is a must-have for your organization.

services services

We create experiences that people want to be apart of, share, and remember.

Experience + Production

We know what feels and looks good. We create emotional connections between customers and brands.
Experiential Marketing
Event Production & Management
Product Launches + Integrations


We understand you. We combine brand strategy, messaging, identity, and digital design to create immersive brands.
Influencer Marketing + Outreach
Brand Strategy
Creative Campaign
Category + Customer Insights
Engagement Strategy
Fractional CMO

PR + Communications

We get you known and covered. We weave brands into the conversation with bold ideas that move culture, widening its impact and relevance.
Sponsorship Fulfillment
Crisis Communications
Partnership Activations
Brand Communications

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